Angelo Moore is Dr Madd Vibe

DOCTOR MADD VIBE’ the lead singer of FISHBONE is Angelo Moore’s

Angelo Moore (vocals, saxophone) is also known as Dr. Madd Vibe, but he is perhaps more recognized as the frontman for Fishbone, the wildly energetic party train of ’70s funk and ska revivalists. Moore formed Fishbone in 1979 with Chris Dowd (trombone, keyboards), Walter Kibby (trumpet, horn, vocals), Kendall Jones (guitar), John Norwood Fisher (bass), and Philip “Fish” Fisher (drums). In 1985, Fishbone released a self-titled EP on Columbia Records. The track “Party at Ground Zero” became a cult hit on alternative and college radio stations in the U.S., while “Modern Industry,” a bizarre melange of robotic voices and chanted call letters, ignited request lines in the Philippines. However, Fishbone’s stylistic deviations — the band could effortlessly veer from funk to hard rock — confused more listeners than it attracted. In the late ’80s and ’90s, Fishbone witnessed the acts they influenced — groups such as Living Colour, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and No Doubt — achieving the commercial success that eluded them. In 1995, Moore started to write and perform poetry under the nom de guerre Dr. Madd Vibe. As Dr. Madd Vibe, Moore finished an album, a book, and a video collectively named The Missing Link Presents…Dr. Madd Vibe’s Comprehensive Linkology.

DOCTOR MADD VIBE’ / Angelo Moore’s alter-ego personae whom animatedly performs provocative and musical poetry. Moore is co-founder, co-composer, lyricist, lead vocalist, saxophonist, theremin manipulator and showman of legendary SkaPunk band FISHBONE, which has released numerous innovative, clever, genre-hybrid, critically acclaimed albums. Moore also performs as a member of Norwood Fisher’s Trulio Disgracias, when not touring Doctor Madd Vibe. Angelo Moore, a.k.a. “The Missing Link”, started his professional music career in Los Angeles’ burgeoning, illustrious Alternative Rock music scene of the mid-1980s along side Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jane’s Addiction, Suicidal Tendencies and others. Moore and Fishbone have been composing, creating, recording, releasing and performing original music for 20 years. Doctor Madd Vibe and Fishbone have toured their art worldwide with bands such as Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Roots, Primus, Fela Kuti, Dead Kennedys, The Meters, King’s X, The Specials, Bad Manners, and many more.

Moore’s ability to combine thought-provoking, humorous, social commentary with Fishbone brethren’s frenzied, up-tempo music and a frantic, euphorically entertaining stage show has cultivated Fishbone’s undisputed reputation as one of the best live acts in music history. They are absolutely legendary in the history of American Ska, Rock Fusion and (so-called) Black Rock. Moore is renowned as one of the very best live showmen; Gwen Stephani of platinum selling SkaPop band No Doubt sites Moore as her idol. Moore’s and Fishbone’s musical influence can be distinctively detected in songs by bands as notorious as No Doubt, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, 311, Sublime and Slightly Stoopid, among others.

The original Fishbone lineup appeared in two feature films in 1988: Keenen Ivory Wayans’ hilarious blaxploitation parody ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’, and the comedy ‘Tapeheads’ which was produced and co-written by ‘Sid & Nancy’, ‘Repo Man’ and ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’ producer/screenwriter/actor Peter McCarthy, with Tim Robbins and John Cusack starring. During the autumn of 2004, Moore, Fishbone co-founder Norwood Fisher, and Fishbone drummer since 1999, John Steward, were specifically requested, cast, and featured, performing in multiple scenes with the tremendously popular HipHop band OutKast in the upcoming HBO feature film ‘My Life in Idlewild’, scheduled for release in autumn 2005.

Fourth World Media and The American Underground premiered  their short film ‘Sideshow’, at the L.A. Underground Film Festival, October 28 – 30, 2005. ‘Sideshow’ stars Angelo Moore’s Doctor Madd Vibe and documents his performances and creative process. In 1996, DMV independently released a highly acclaimed book of poetry titled, ‘Doctor Madd Vibe’s Comprehensive Linkology’. In 1997, a spoken poetry CD and performance art video set of the same title. In 2000, a poetry book and spoken poetry CD set titled ‘The Yin Yang Thang’. DMV was a featured artist on the notorious ‘Spitfire Tour’. In 2001, Asian Man Records re-released the ‘Comprehensive Linkology’ spoken poetry CD. 2003 brought forth the outstanding release of an illustrated comic book and spoken poetry & music CD set titled Jah Jah on the Telephone’. Doctor Madd Vibe has also released serval other solo projects and comic books through Wondernote Publishing that accompany the new music that he has consistently  released concurrently.

Based on his life experiences, growing up as a “fly in the buttermilk” in the predominantly caucasian suburbs of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, Moore addresses and reflects on a vast array of topics including race, class, politics, family, social issues, the human condition and the state of life in today’s America. On stage, Doctor Madd Vibe’s performance is charged with awakened honesty, exuberance, passion, outrage and humor.

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