Azalove is a truly uplifting musical artist with unlimited positive possibilities. Her liquid voice and Love lifting style has healed hearts across the globe.

Azalove’s debut album, brings rich harmonies, accompanied by her acoustic guitar and a wide range of all star artists, bringing with them a shower of praises for her accomplishment, understanding that Azalove’s harmonies hold the necessary spice to bring sound and song to a pivotal point.

A role model for goodness on the planet, she shares her poetic lyrics that speak of the love of a mother for her child, to the simplicity and complexity of love and the need for it all. Azalove’s musical contribution is truly a comfort to the soul. Through pain, love and frustration in today’s times, Azalove shows the result that one person can change the world, if we believe.

I sing of experiences with my heart, from my soul. I sing to interpret feeling. In my music there is something for all people living the human experience.

ever lov’in, ever liv’in…