B. Smiley


Producing/engineering Electronic Music since 1998. Began Djing in 1999. Playing guitar since 16. Converted to Beat junkie from Rawk guitarist sometime mid 90’s after repeated trips to the legendary Glastonbury Music festival in Somerset, England. Started recording studio and label Men are Pigs Music in 1998 then forming Late Night Sneaky as a production team & Dj with live musician ensemble with Spundae resident Michael Anthony in 2001; including Jay Bowman, Sen Sei, Dj F, & Drumfire. Began collaboration with Irina Mikhailova in 2003 and started Late Night Sneakin’ Records in 2005. San Francisco Dj residencies @ POW!, Anu, Bambuddha, Levende, Wish Bar. and Supperclub SF since 2005

Be Smiley has Produced/Engineered tracks for:
Bedrock, Distinctive, Baroque, Electrofly, Trax Records, Journeys By Dj, Sunburn, Terraform, Green Gorilla, Rockit Science Labs, Kinkysweet, Watermusic, Avatar, Nascente, STS9 & 1320 Records, Sleevin, Cyberset, Blue Pie, Breakshop, and Supperclub.

As well as performed at:  Glastonbury, Coachella, WMC, Sea Of Dreams, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Burning Man, Decompression, How Weird Street Faire, Treasure Island Music Festival, Silent Frisco, Sunset Halloween Boat Party, SF Love Fest/LovEvlolution, 2nd Sunday, & Cal. Academy of Sciences.

The many talented local artists have worked with him included:

Majitope, Michael Anthony, Irina Mikhailova, Jerry Bonham, Suzanne Sterling, Jay Bowman, RonKat Spearman, Sonja DrakulichAudio Angel, M3, Dave Coleman, Sen Sei, Simo, Angelo Moore, LowPro Lounge, Keno Mapp, Drop Culture, Rena Jones, Rocker T, Eric McFadden,  Janaysa aka “Suga”, Native Intelligence, Kepi & KatBorrina Mapaka, Moana Diamond, Cynthia Lewis, Dj F, Jah Rocker, Soul Sista Shakti, Swan, Mee, Paul Mehling, Drumfire, Janice Bailon, Connie Walkershaw, and Reda Darvish.
His Remixes include:

Low Pro Lounge of STS9‘s “Peoples” was featured in CSI New York April 2006.
Low Pro Lounge of Hamsa Lila’s “Turka Lila” is featured in the  film “Entheogen.”
Majitope of BLVD’s “U know When You” appears on  Supperclub  “Addiction” Cd.
and Cd for SF disco-funksters Sugar & Gold  out June 2009.

The list of artists that Be Smiley has contributed to seems endless and at the same time, he’s just got started: RonKat, STS9, Jerry Bonham, Mephisto Odyssey, Jay Bowman,Hamsa Lila, Stellamara, Ronkat Spearman, Angelo More aka Dr. Maddvibe, Keno Mapp, Sugar & Gold, Mochipet, BLVD Kepi & Kat, Simo & Drunken Monkey, Marina V,  Mandjou Kone & Dj Shakra,  Native Intelligence, Church WIlliams, Goldilox, and Ruffy &Tufffy.

When it comes to the Dance floor, Be Smiley is the man on deck to make sure when you hit the club, you are assured to dance your ass off till the sun comes up and your still left wishing for more. This train does not stop, ever!! View More