Punk Funk Mob


Punk Funk Mob is as mysterious and magnetic as their music. Formed in 2007, this Bay Area band has been most accurately illustrated as the Ramones meets Funkadelic with a touch of Fishbone. Drawing inspiration from their predecessors, Punk Funk Mob alternates between genres; injecting gritty elements of rock, punk, funk & new wave into a sonic orgasm for its listeners.

In 2010 the band released their debut album REVOLUTION on Indie rock label Mooremapp Records (formed by Angelo Moore of Fishbone and business partner Keno Mapp). “When we heard their demos, we both thought that this band was smoking hot. We knew they needed to play bigger stages” says Mapp of the band.

Punk Funk Mob performers over a heavy haze of distorted guitars, dirty syncopated rhythms, throbbing bass lines and the steady crunch of trap drums making it clear why they are ready for those BIGGER stages. “HELLO ANDIE” is the latest single and video from their debut album REVOLUTION.

Funky and Proud