Angelo Moore is Dr Madd Vibe

Angelo Moore (vocals, saxophone) is also known as Dr. Madd Vibe, but he is perhaps more recognized as the frontman for Fishbone, the wildly energetic party train of ’70s funk and ska revivalists.

Alternative · Rock · Spoken Word

Punk Funk Mob

Funky & Proud injecting gritty elements of rock, punk, funk & new wave into a sonic orgasm for its listeners.

Funk · Punk · Rock

Durga McBroom

PINK FLOYD original vocalist Durga McBroom FANTASTIC!!

Pop · RnB

Pamela Parker

Pamela Parker sounds like the love child of Ann Wilson and Axl Rose


Tony Gits

Release your Mind and your body will follow...



I sing of experiences with my heart, from my soul. I sing to interpret feeling.

Folk · Pop

Blane Lyon

Blane Lyon’s voice, words, performance and presence echo his deep history and commitment to soulful uplifting music


Sonic Valium

Sonic Valium provides the soundtrack to the timeout.

Ambient · Electronica · World

Daddy Mention

This soul/funk band based in Los Angeles, with deep rooted ties to the Southern Gulf Coast

Pop · RnB

Kent Craig

Forging traditional country, solo blues into a unique, modern contemporary sound

Alternative · Blues

Steady Studios

Kids and baby chicks musical chairs and laughs for kicks

KidsRock · Reggae

Dolli Melaine

A deep musical and mystical journey through a soundscape of electronic musical styles from Vienna's Underground.



Traveling to where he finds work and making it his home wherever that may be. His life involves his music, Theater writing and loving.

Alternative · Latin Rock

Hana Koubkova

Meditative Ambient music of Czechoslovakia. Hana's violin, vocals and Esraj aligns your quiet soul

Ambient · World

B. Smiley

B. Smiley serving up beats which makes sure bodies bend and dance ecstatically in clubs around the world

DJ & Producer


Give thanks as you count your blessings and know that you are blessed because you are still here.