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Come Together Now

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Tony Gits graduated from G.I.T., Hollywood, California. He has been playing professionally for over twenty years. His music is Reggae with a splash of all sorts of flavors from Heavy Dance Hall Mixes to Cross-Over Beats, which will move any crowd. It’s hard to say which is better, his one of a kind, stage performance or his studio recordings just because both are better then excellent.

His 1st album `IN TROUBLE´ was very successful in Hawaii and Japan with a number 1 song `BE MY NATTY GIRL´. Gits allowed a comrade to re-record this same song `BE MY NATTY GIRL´ in 1998 and it as well shot straight to number 1

Since then Gits has recorded a 2nd album, `SAVE THE WORLD´ in Chicago, San Diego and Berlin, Germany. On this album he collaborated with various artist as, Frankie Paul and Prince Ital Joe. Keeping with the true Reggae tracks on the album, he decided to have them mixed in Digitech Studios in Jamaica and the new style tracks mixed in Berlin, Germany.

Tony Gits has always believed Europe is where his career would peak so he decided to relocate there and release his latest album, `SAVE THE WORLD´ in Berlin, Germany while launching his tour.

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In a word, his music is versatile enough to be appreciated by any music lover!

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