D.O.T.M.S. (Dance On the Mothership)

D.O.T.M.S. (Dance On the Mothership)

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Authorized to Play the Funk – This is New Pop/Funk/Rock with a taste of R&B, Hip Hop and everything you want to dance to. All Original and featuring GEORGE CLINTON and members of Parliament Funkadelic on various tracks.

RonKat is a vocalist/musician with George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. RonKat joined GCPF in 2001. He has toured the world with GCPF every year since. The experience has enriched his talents and pushed his skills to even higher levels of achievement.

“It’s all about the beats for me, coupled with a cold melody and good lyrics. I like to keep my mind open to the pulse of the people because it inspires me whether I am writing a love song, dance song or working on my Katdelic Music.” – RonKat

Katdelic began as RonKat’s off the road project for the past few years but as of 2010 (with George Clinton’s Blessing) RonKat devoted all of his time and work to KATDELIC and the band is now a Bay Area Favorite, playing to full-house audiences. RonKat has a solid background of songwriting and musicianship. He has developed a band of excellent musicians that comprise KATDELIC :

RonKat Spearman – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Kirk Peterson – Bass
Rob Poole – Bass, Vocals
Patrick Sims – Guitar
PTFI – Gadgets, Vocals
Adam Lipsky – Drums
Alan Williams – Trombone
Lesley Grant – Vocals
Genevieve – Vocals
Rasa Vitalia – Dancer


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