Elliot Eclectic

Elliot Eclectic

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All right kiddies heres a song strictly for the positivity tribe. Good Morning to you is the single and you cant help but dance to this one when smiles hits your mugs. So come on you kids and baby chicks musical chairs and laughs for kicks, when elliot kicks those lyrical rhythms it’s hard to resist.

Elliot Eclectic was conceived in December of 2008 with the birth of their son. Combining different musical influences with the daily melodies of life with a newborn was Gavin’s brilliant idea, agreed to by a sleep-deprived, slightly stupefied Judie. Every night, after putting the baby to bed, they would plug the monitor in the recording studio and work on the songs expressing the experience of this wide, wonderful world from the baby’s point of view.  Touching on styles from Reggae to Rap, Disco to Bossa Nova, each song reflects an event in the day.

The first single, Good Morning to You is a reggae style mantra with the recipe for a healthy and happy baby – eat your food, laugh and play, and don’t get hurt!


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