Hurricane Heart

Hurricane Heart

Durga with Pink Floyd

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After working as a club singer in the United States, Durga and her sister Lorelei McBroom worked with Pink Floyd as background vocalists. She had a long stint with them, being the only backing vocalist to appear consistently on almost all of their shows starting from the November 1987 concert at Omni Arena of A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour up to the final concert of The Division Bell Tour in October 1994. She also performed on their appearance at the 1990 Knebworth festival and provided vocals for the album Pulse, as well asDavid Gilmour‘s 2001 solo tour.

Durga McBroom has a long list of amazing songs which has helped form the musical vocal ethics of our time and in this song Hurricane Heart, Durga McBroom shares a small taste of what she has in-store for you.


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