Stick you in the EarHole like a FISHBONE!


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ICEPICK is about that special time in an touring bands existence when we all have to go through the process of sound check.

This is were the band is subject to the possibilities of deafening frequencies that sometime run wild when the sound tecknition who is manning the monitor board may be in-experienced in fine-tuning and balancing stage levels for the band.

THE definition of an  ICEPICK: an audio frequency gone Buckwild in the form of what we know it as Feed Back. preferably HIgh end Feedback. resulting in a sharp stabbing tone to the earhole. These audio ICEPICKS range on the monitor board from 51.6k mids to 500k 1.6 or 3.15k thriller hurts 5k killeror 4killerhuts 1k chiller.

If any one of these frequencies are lurking in the Hallway or at the side entrance of the stage alert you monitor person immediately of the oncoming so that they can be disposed at once………………………ICEPICK.


The press wrote

Just when you thought there was no where left to go with Angelo Moore’s musical sphere, he sticks you again and again. Wow

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