Revolution Girl

Revolution Girl

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….now here I have another wall flower but with very minimal traces of the Groupie in its genepool.

A rebel wAll flower that has been believed to have changed the face of black political history, it is called the “Revolutionary Girl”

Check the fluffy pedals and the wide Bulb right at the Bass.

The Curls and round back side.

She’s a very rEgal Flower isn’t she? She comes from the family of the militant black flower Cluster strain. This Cluster usually comes with one causation Ghetto flower that grows smack dab in the middle that can be quickly activated from the black tar surroundings as a camouflage for White power intrusions and lop sided fear based uprisings that may occur when the rallies get intense.She was pretty beat up when I found her but I have revived her and now She is as plump and as juicy as a piece of revoltionized Hoochie fried Chicken. ~Dr Madd Vibe


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