The Medicine Cabinet

The Medicine Cabinet


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Angelo Moore, the lead singer of Fishbone is Dr. Madd Vibe.

Reputation precedes this musical experience. Dr. Madd Vibe is now opening the doors of his medicine cabinet to you so that you can pick up the prescription that you have ordered. Sometimes we’re Running from the devil, sometimes were praying to the lord; Sometimes we have a choice in the matter, when were eating at the smorgasbord. Dr. Madd Vibe’s medicine cabinet offers you a veritable plethora of musical incantations. Poetic tinctures, and sub-genius concoctions, that special potion that keeps you rockin.

Written, produced, performed and arranged by this artist that has historically inspired the underground musical roots and culture of our times. Currently touring across the US, Canada and Europe.


1) Showtime

2) Run Rudy Run

3) How can I build a fire

4) Doves of peace and love (pt.1)

5) Censor this and censor that

6) 10 voices in my head

7) The Desired un-desirable

8) Pezimistic no!


10) Here’s lookin at you babe

11) S.A.D. (Secret Agent Dad)

12) Plexiglass (Detective Protecto)

13) Face Plant Scorpion Back Pinch

14) Doves of peace & love (pt.2)


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